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It doesn't matter if you're hip-hop or metal, indie rock, pop, R&B or country. It doesn't matter if you come to us from a major label or your parents basement, studio feature, or student short, webisode sound sweetening or network V/O. The Decibel Garden is an audio sanctuary unlike any other in Colorado. The staff and facility are dedicated to a simple directive; Identifying and optimizing your voice as an artist, and giving you the launch-pad to get your shot.
We apply our collective decades of experience to every artist who sets foot in The Garden and literally every last nook of our facility has been tailored to bring muse to the budding minds of creatives like you. We truly look forward to your project and offer both up-and-coming and veteran artists the very best in sonic quality, vibe, and all of the ingredients that make up a truly great recording, and recording experience. Even if you only play music as a hobbyist, your studio project and experience here will sound and feel as though you do it for a living.

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