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Colorado recording studios


The Decibel Garden's vast control room is an acoustic masterpiece, in fact, after the 2011 control room remodel, acoustic engineers from Sound Kenetics found the room nearly perfect, requiring the 4db ducking of just a single frequency on the left side main. That was it! At the center of control's nervous system is our vintage Neotek Elite Console. Its truly spectacular signal path and notoriously surgical EQs are why the Neotek is often hailed as ''SSL's little bro''. The console is flanked to its left by a 60 space rack that is literally packed with a who's who of class-A preamp's, EQ's and compressors. Our custom and truly comprehensive monitoring system includes literally ten pair of industry standard studio monitors and boutique audiophile speakers which we use to anticipate just about any listening environment. And what's more, we can track Protools, Logic or 24 track analog tape, giving you an array of sonic options for your project. Large enough to seat twelve people with zero sardine-affect, Decibel Garden Control provides a plush and dynamic atmosphere in which to create, track and mix your music.

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