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RECORDING: The Decibel Garden offers professional quality recording via both the Logic and Protools platforms and our astounding array of class-A preamps, and a stunning 100+ collection of microphones are here to aid in capturing YOUR sound.

MIXING: The Decibel Garden offers a true analog mixing path via our vintage Neotek Elite console, and a slew of insertable compressors and outboard gear to get you out of the box and up to that next level. 

PRODUCING:​​​​ A producer should be someone who helps guide you to the horizon you’ve been striving for. Someone who helps you define and preserve your sound, and maximize your songs without changing your identity. The Decibel Garden follows this directive as though it were gospel. Our producers are musicians for musicians and we truly look forward to helping facilitate your journey.


COMPOSING: No matter if it’s beat production for Hip-Hop, R&B or Pop,  musical accompaniment for singer songwriters, musical scores for film or TV, or anything in between, The Decibel Garden has accomplished in-house composers both locally in and LA, to help sculpt your project to its absolute best. We also have access to literal pantheon of professional studio musicians that won’t break your bank.

FILM & TELEVISION: The Decibel Garden offers ADR, sound design and mixing services for all types of media, including webisodes, television broadcast, animation, documentary and feature film.


ADAT TAPE TRANSFER:  Thousands of ADAT tapes litter countless storage spaces. We can transfer them for the sake of archiving them propperly, or to remix in our facility or by you at home. Call us now to find out how we can inexpensively  rescue your beloved multi-track or stereo recordings from the fate of storage-mold or other damage . Have another tape format you need transfered? Call us and pick our brains for free!

VOICE OVER: The Decibel Garden offers VO services for film, TV, commercial,  or industrial. We can perform top quality VO at the most competitive rates in the region.

EVENT VENUE: The size of The Garden often makes it a sought after venue. We sometimes lease to national artists looking for a pre-tour rehearsals or music related events such as CD releases, film wrap parties, symposiums, group meetings, lectures, panels and so on. Please understand that due to the recording schedule, there are limited availablilities for events, so please contact us as much in advance as possible.

Please Contact us to tour the studio, discuss your project specific vision and how to best achieve your dream project  at your available budget.

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