The Decibel Garden staff is hand picked for many reasons, because simply put; our people are here to do one thing, bring your music to life. We don't aspire or claim to be managers or promoters. We play ONE part in your musical journey and we do it well. The Decibel Garden and its staff are here to help you produce and record your material, that's it.  As artists, we all have big dreams, but don't let fast talkers with empty promises prey on those dreams, let the Decibel Garden do its part help you live them...


...  "It's not a studio, it's a sanctuary".

E  R  I  C

Despite cutting his teeth in the LA recording industry for the last 20 years, Eric Ryan is no stranger to the Denver music scene. As a founding member of legendary local act BODY OF SOULS, Eric has now returned to his roots here in the 303 as a world-class audio engineer, producer, mixer and sound designer. Eric’s extraordinary patience and attentiveness, allow him to  almost magically align his talents to the essence of any recording artist or project and become a literal tributary of its  core expression. Eric has earned a sterling reputation among renowned recording artists, studios and advertising agencies, but as a dedicated musician and music lover, Eric knows the value of keeping sessions light, productive and on budget. So glad he's chosen to make The Decibel Garden his new home.

I  A  N  (big Ian)

Producer/A-room Engineer/Musician Ian P Gilchrist does one thing. He makes rock and roll records, and frankly,  he does it really friggin' well.  Name a band, he's probably recorded them, name a studio, he's mixed there. Ian's  organic approach to recording and performance philosophies sometimes seem to transcend the conventional, but his fearlessness as both Engineer and Producer always seems to yield great recordings with final mixes that shine as sums greater than their parts. As an accomplished bassist, guitarist and all around musician himself, Ian  intrinsically understands the identity of a group or song, even a solo. This seemingly magical ability to cut through the BS gives Ian's recordings that true analog-days feel. In Ian's world; The song defines the recording... not the other way around.

H  A  Y  L  A  R 

Engineer/Producer and studio owner Haylar Garcia has been recording bands in Denver since 1990, and so you will often find him sitting in on sessions as a producer, second engineer or studio musician when asked. Haylar started touring LA at the age of 17 and went on to become a prolific songwriter and recording artist who is still always inclined to be part of our native music scene as it continues to evolve. He sees The Decibel Garden as a sanctuary, engineered as fertile ground for local and national talent alike. So whether you're one of his old-schooler peers from back in the day or a brave new Colorado artist coming up; Haylar and the Garden are dedicated to helping you make music that moves your listeners.

I  A  N  (lil Ian)

A-room Engineer Ian Kelsall came to us fresh from CRAS in AZ. Once here his work ethic and sonic prowess was something that caught the eye of the management right away. Furthermore, it was his welcome ability to assist the A-room engineers in a fast and efficient manner which  started earning him stripes from the second he  was entrusted with the task. As a well studied musician himself, with eclectic taste, Ian has a fresh outlook on recording and his keen ability to jet forward at any job thrown his way has earned him a well deserved engineer spot in the A-room. Every now and then you see a sparkle that lets you know someone is going to make the grade and build a career in recording. Ian is that someone.

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