The B-ROOM staff is hand picked for many reasons, because simply put; our people are here to do one thing, bring your music to life. We don't aspire or claim to be managers or promoters. We don't dangle "connections" to the big time in front of you just to increase our revenue streams. We play ONE part in your musical journey and we do it well. The B-ROOM and its staff are here to help you produce and record your material, that's it.  As artists, we all have big dreams, but don't let fast talkers with empty promises prey on those dreams, let the B-ROOM do its part help you live them...   "It's not a studio, it's a sanctuary".



Head B-room and part time A-room Engineer Ian Kelsall came to us fresh from CRAS in AZ. Once here his work ethic and sonic prowess was something that caught the eye of the management right away. Furthermore, it was his welcome ability to assist the A-room engineers in a fast and efficient manner which  started earning him stripes from the second he  was entrusted with the task. As a well studied guitarist and musician himself, with eclectic taste, Ian has a fresh outlook on recording. In less than a year, Ian's keen ability to jet forward at any job thrown his way has earned him the top engineer spot in the B-room. Interns come and go, but every now and then you see a sparkle that lets you know someone is going to make the grade and build a career in recording. Ian is that someone.


B-room co-manager and Engineer Dory Garcia came to us as an intern and quickly proved to be one of the most dedicated, resourceful and pleasent additions to the pool. After more than a year of hard work and attention to detail, Dory graduated with honors to engineer status. Dory is a natural problem solver and has an seemingly encylopedic knowlege of music spanning almost every era and genre. His uplifting and positive attitude to whatever the challenge has placed Dory in a great spot to live out his dream of being a recorging engineer, while helping you realize the dream of achieving that amazing recording of that special song.


B-room co-manager and Engineer Everett Oklar was yet another stellar CRAS grad. His laid back way is the perfect compliment to his tireless work ethic. Everett takes to every task with a smile on his face and every recording with perfection in mind. As a musician himself, Everett does not just like music, he eats, breaths, and lives it, the way a great engineer should. As our most recent addition to the B-ROOM, he brings all the wonderful parts of his personailty in perfect proportion to his eduaction in sound engineering. Sit back and have a session with Everett. It's like a musical magic carpet ride through the scape of a perfect studio experience.

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